Production Process

Making of Raw Beret

  • Selecting Yarn : First of all we select yarn according to customers requirement. Like which quality customer need. We use two type of yarn
    • Thick Yarn : In this type we use two type of yarn 6/1 nm and 5/1 nm.this yarn uses for heavy weight beret cap and production of beret made of this yarn is high
    • Thin Yarn : In this yarn we use 71/ nm and 10/1 nm yarn. This yarn uses for light weight and fine beret. production of beret made from this yarn is 35% low than thick yarn
  • Knitting : After selecting yarn we adjust our knitting machine according to yarn quality. We use flat knitting machine. We make all type of beret from same machine. We can run all yarn 5/1nm, 6/1nm, 7/1 nm and 10/1 nm yarn on same machine.
  • Linking : Almost our ladies labor do linking for beret. But when we need production than we use linking machines.Mostaly we use linking machine for thin berets.
  • Checking : After linking our labor checks raw beret for rejection. If rejection is small then labor full that rejection with needle. other we reject that piece

Dyeing Process

  • Felting : When raw beret comes on our dyeing unit in lots after washing of beret we felt beret according to size and weight.
  • Dyeing : After washing after felting beret washed again and put berets into dyeing machine. We use fast color for berets. According to shade we use colors. We also use some special process for making berets good quality. In felting and dyeing process we make beret quality much better. We do dyeing for all Indian beret manufacturer and exporters.
  • Drying : In this process first we do hydro process. After that we put berets into sunlight for high production drying.
  • Blocking : We use ironing process as blocking.
  • Checking : After blocking again checking process start. This is bcoz if there any rejection come than beret would be cancel

Stitching Process

  • Stitching Material : In this process lining get to be ready and when linning ready than HEADBAND, beret hood and linning stitch together.
  • Finishing : In this process raising process did and eyelets apply on berets.

Checking and Process : After rasing and applying eyelets then cheking happen and after checking packing happen.

Packing : We pack each beret in single polybag and 200 pcs in a cartoon sized 50 X 50 X 50 (cms).